Thursday, November 8, 2012

Nathanael King

Nathanael King has attended All Saints’ Episcopal School since 2002, and is currently a Sophomore. He is passionate about English Literature, Journalism and current events. Nathanael enjoys writing, travel, theater, and long-distance running. He attended the Iowa Young Writers’ Studio this past summer to improve his fiction.

Contemporary Literary Trends in Secondary Education

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  1. I am stunned by the the number of important topics you touched on in such a short time. Two things I liked in particular. First was your discussion of the limitations of e-books, and how some research suggests small children are distracted from the main idea of the story by the embedded features. Second, and perhaps more important to me, was your discussion of how reading helps people find answers to questions they didn't know they had, or to questions they could not ask of another. It seems to me that humans are alone among other species in our ability to learn from others' experiences, and in your discussion of technology and literature, you are wise in moving from the means (e-books) to the ends (learning) of reading. Really thoughtful. I enjoyed it tremendously. Mike Albritton