Thursday, November 8, 2012

Santosh Murugan

Santosh is a sophomore at Trinity Valley School. He has a special interest in scientific research, which led to his discovery of bioresorbable bone tissue this past year. He has won numerous science awards at both the regional and state levels, including an invitation from Governor Perry to participate in a Science Champions Academy. He is also a national champion in Indian dance, and is a second degree black belt. In his free time, Santosh enjoys playing golf and table tennis, traveling worldwide, and participating in debate/speech tournaments. He volunteers extensively for the American Red Cross, and is the Cofounder and Vice President of Bright Future for Blind, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping the visually impaired and economically-disadvantaged people in India. This experience and frustration concerning a lack of aids for them is the motivation for his speech, which he hopes will help millions of visually impaired people and raise awareness of their plight.

A Bright Future for the Blind

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