Sunday, November 13, 2011

Parth Kalaria and Krishna Tiwari

Parth is a sophomore at Trinity Valley School. He enjoys playing tennis and is on the varsity team at Trinity Valley. In his free time, he enjoys playing chess, keeping up with current events, and traveling with his family. He is a founding member of the Trinity Valley Math and Debate Teams, and loves to compete frequently in both. Naturally, he loves interacting with people and hopes to pursue a career that centers on direct human interaction. Such an interest inspired his talk on the “Dedication Effect” which focuses around human interaction and the spread of knowledge from one to thousands in the future.Krishna is a sophomore at TVS. He plays football and soccer, and is a member of the debate and math teams.

Our topic for TEDx Youth Day, the “Dedication Effect,” had been on the backburner of our minds for a while. We felt we needed to share our idea with others, but did not have a medium in which we could do so. After we heard about TEDx Youth Day, we felt it was a great opportunity to spread the “Dedication Effect.” We decided that it was important for the world to realize the importance of helping others and its positive effect. In addition, we felt that those who have dedicated their time to teach deserve recognition and should not be taken for granted. We liked that our piece was personal and seemed to connect with others. However, we felt that we could improve our presentation by adding information on how people can get involved and help others. Overall, we enjoyed sharing the “Dedication Effect” and look forward to presenting it in the future.

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